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Book Review on Huff Post!

Lodro Rinzler, author of The Buddha Walks into a Bar: A Guide to Life for a New Generation, wrote a review in the Huffington Post Book section today, April 18th 2012, about Running with the Mind of Meditation. Lodro’s personal account of the Sakyong and his gung-ho attitude about the benefits of meditation make for a persuading argument for buying the new book.

Read it here!

Boulder Daily Camera Posts an Earth Day Column

“Runner, meditator Sakyong Mipham offers message of hope”

Today, April 17 2012, the Boulder Daily Camera released a column about how to work with the growing unrest in our world. In the midst of catastrophes, both personal and global, we are all grasping for answers. How can running or meditation help us and our world? Find out more here!

Sakyong Writes Exclusive Article for Huffington Post

The Sakyong is featured on the Huffington Post for his exclusive article, 5 Tips for Running with the Mind of Meditation. Here, the Sakyong gives us the condensed version of the path of meditative running. He states, “Once we see this simplicity, we can apply meditative techniques to any activity.”

Guided Meditation by the Sakyong on Oprah.com!

On april 12th, the Sakyong’s guided meditation was posted in the “Spirit” and “Health sections of Oprah.com!

For her new meditation series, which gears itself towards “reaching higher ground” both mentally and physically, Oprah requested the Sakyong to offer a guided meditation useful to beginners while they work out. In this fifteen-minute introduction to the practice of running with the mind of meditation, the Sakyong shares his simple approach to being fully engaged in the workout. Listen to the meditation here—or take it with you on your run!