Blaux Portable AC Reviews: Must Read This Before Buying

What if there was a guilt-free solution to stay cool and fresh indoors?

What if everyone could enjoy their time in the comfort of their homes with their family, sleep peacefully through the night, or binge-watch their favorite tv shows – without the constant nagging of a skyrocketing electricity bill due to the continuous air conditioning?

Blaux brings forward an easy to afford solution for everyone and enables them to enjoy the gorgeous, refreshing, and cool personal air conditioning. It is an extremely budget-friendly option for all and comes with a guarantee of quality, durability, and comfort. It is designed to provide money savings to its users in the long run, allowing them to focus on achieving other targets.

Read this review on Blaux Portable AC to know what else does this product has in store for its users, the benefits associated with it, and a quick round-up of its price and accessibility in the market.

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What is different about Blaux Portable ACs?

Blaux Portable Air Conditioners have various features that give them a clear edge over other similar products available in the market.

Some features of this portable air conditioner are as follows:

  • It can be used both as a fan or an air conditioner

The uniqueness of the Blaux Portable ACs lies in the fact that it can create a cooling breeze and can also be switched into working as a regular fan by only pressing a single button. This makes it very user friendly.

  • Blaux delivers fast results

This air conditioner is designed to generate cool air in the fastest record time. In just 30 seconds, users can start enjoying the Rapid Cooling Mode of Blaux ACs, as it pumps out an amazing 2.7m/s of cool and refreshing air.

  • Offers different fan speeds

Users have the option to adjust the fan speeds according to their comfort level. They can keep it a low level when the weather is not warm enough and increase it to enjoy either comfortable spring weather or tolerate the scorching summer heat.

  • Comes with an easy to refill the water tank

The capacity of the water tank of Blaux ACs is around 300 ml. This large capacity is easy to refill when water levels run low during use.

  • Very light in weight

This product is very compact and easy to carry around. To make it even more comfortable to move from one place to another, the manufacturers have installed an in-built handle into the Blaux ACs. In addition, these air conditioners are very light in weight and weigh approximately two pounds. This makes them very comfortable to be held adjusted according to needs.


  • Makes no noise

The manufacturers have designed these air conditioners to be very quiet and discreet while functioning. This allows users to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep without the obnoxious noise made by fans or other air conditioners.

  • Lighting

Blaux Potable ACs also come with built-in fascinating lighting, that may work well when users are looking for some calm or intimate moments while relaxing.

  • Rechargeable Battery

This product is designed to hold up a big rechargeable 200mAh battery. It allows this air conditioner to work on a high capacity to provide hours of cooling to its users.

  • Adjustable louvers

This allows users to adjust and direct the cool comfortable air in the direction which they want. They can place the AC on their worktable and fix the louvers towards their arms or face, whatever they like.

  • Also works as a humidifier

The multi-purpose portable air conditioners by Blaux also work as humidifiers for days when the environment is dry and itchy for the skin.

  • Filters the air for a healthier living

This air conditioner has a specially designed filter system that allows it to clear the air from dust, allergens, and bacteria. The filters installed in the AC is very easy and convenient and can be learned easily by following the steps provided in the instructional manual.

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What are the benefits of Blaux Portable Air Conditioners?

With so many distinct features attached to this product, its users can expect to gain the following benefits by Blaux Portable Air Conditioners their preferred choice for refreshing cool air this summer:

  • It is portable and small, which make it very popular as a desktop AC
  • Provides a powerful blast of cool air
  • Can be used literally anywhere in the house, from the kitchen to the nursery
  • Uses very little electricity. The only addition to the electricity bill will be the trivial amount that this products sips to get charged with the Type-C charging cable that comes along with it
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Budget-friendly
  • Offers good quality, durability, and comfort
  • Saves money from draining into paying high electricity bills

Price and Availability

Due to the expected rise in temperatures this summer, Blaux Portable Air Conditioners are flying off the shelves very quickly. It is highly recommended to order it right away to benefit from the discount offer, while supplies last.

All interested buyers can gain further information about this product on the official website of Blaux Portable Air Conditioners. The manufacturers are offering a flat 50% off discount to all buyers if they decide to order it right away.

The regular pricing of the units are as follows:

1 unit for $89.99

2 units for $179.98

3 units for $202.48

4 units for $247.47

Final Words

With the global pandemic changing the dynamics of every household and workplace, products like Blaux Portable Air Conditioners that allow instant and long-term savings are much needed by the people.