Fungal growth in the skin has become part of one of the major concerns of the past few years. To deal with blackish nails and spotted skin, Integrated Health has launched Clear Nails Plus into the market. It can fight off nearly all the fungus in the body. Is it natural and safe to use? What are the pros and cons of using it? Is it affordable? Get all the answers by reading the review below.

Clear Nails Plus Review

If anyone is going through fungal infection and looking for a natural yet cheapest way to fight back this, they should look for Clear Nails Plus supplements. Clear Nails Plus is a powerful formula, which contains natural and strong anti-fungal ingredients. It helps to eliminate the root cause of fungal infections. According to the site, it only takes seven days to make the body fungus free.

What is Clear Nails Plus?

Clear Nails Plus only uses natural ingredients to protect the body from fungal infections. Clear Nails Plus is a dietary capsule that is clinically tested for bot its safety and effectiveness. It fights fungus both internally and externally. Clear Nails Plus is a potent solution for making the body fungus free and to promote a healthy body. It can fight back the peeling skin as well as the yellowish or blackish ting in the nails.

Plus Point #1: Clear Nails Plus heals cracked and promotes healthy nails.

Unlike fungal creams, which makes your skin and nail itchy and inflame, Clear Nails Plus makes sure that your nail does not anymore give a bad odor. When you have Clear Nails Plus, why to go for a $2000 surgery?

Only a few uses of clear Nails Plus can help kick off the fungal symptoms completely. It acts as a shield for the body to prevent the entry of foreign particles in the body. These capsules can be used to promote the healthy growth of nails, hair, and skin. Clear Nails Plus was done after years of research. Before attacking external fungi, it first focuses on internal fungi.

Directions for Using Clear Nails Plus

Purchasers should use Clear Nails Plus without any breaks to get benefits of all its ingredients. As per the bottle, every consumer should follow the rules strictly and take 2 capsules with 8 oz water or a meal. Remember not to exceed the recommended dosage stated on the bottle.

How Clear Nails Plus Formula was Introduced in the Market?

Roy Williams’s father was diagnosed with fatal fungal infection in his nail. A normal nail fungus soon became a cause of his blocked heart valves. His father was in extreme pain with profuse sweating, aching joints, and restless nights. He was facing extreme difficulty in breathing and all his last 8 months of checkup were of no use.

Even the specialists did not know how to overcome this deathly fungal infection. With time his brain, lungs, liver, and heart, all the essential organs started getting deteriorated. It was not easy for Roy Williams to sit by his fathers’ side and watch him cough blood and develop unexplainable bruises on his legs and hands.

He found a formula, which was used decades before in Papua New Guinea to fight back all the fungal skin infections in just fourteen days. Many healthcare providers are trying to heal your nail or skin with antibiotics, which would not do anything, but will worsen the situation even more.

What does Roy William’s Video Say?

Roy Williams is pretty much hated by large pharmaceutical companies as this formula has created a huge loss for them. Due to this reason, there are many chances that the video on his official site might get removed and you will be unable to have a look at that. Therefore, here is a brief review of what the video contains.

The root cause of fungal infection lies in the body. Flaky-red skin and skin rash are two common symptoms of a fungal infection. It can lead you to amputation and even death.

The 10-second diagnostic test by Roy Williams can help you diagnose your condition better. You do not need to worry if you are diagnosed with fungal poisoning. He next shares some tips to quickly kick-off the fungal infection and prevents its recurrence. Roy claims that there is no anti-fungal medicine, which can beat the effectiveness of Clear Nail Plus.

What do Customers Say About Their Purchase of Clear Nails Plus?

According to the customers, Clear Nails Plus is a natural supplement that aims to give people an anti-fungal life. It is so far the best anti-fungal supplement available on the market. Clear Nails Plus cannot be used as a medicine. There are already more than 18420 customers of Clear Nails Plus. Customers are quite happy with their purchase as it has provided them with a side effect free and satisfying experience.

Is Clear Nails Plus Safe to Use?

Clear Nails Plus is safe to use as it is made up of 20 natural and pure ingredients. It is made only by the best-chosen research-based antifungal ingredients. Years of research have resulted in this effective bottle of capsules. It is not like medications Sporanox or Lamisil, which, in most cases, results in liver poisoning. Although it is completely safe, it is recommended to consult a doctor before using any medication or supplement on your own, especially if you are going through any medical condition.

Why are Supplements Preferred Over Ointments?

This might be weird for some of you to hear that antifungal supplements are now gaining importance over antifungal ointments and creams. Undoubtedly, supplements work and give better results than ointments and creams. Reasons as to why supplements are preferred are mentioned below.

Natural and Herbal Ingredients

Clear Nails Plus contains only natural ingredients. The use of non-GMO ingredients is the reason behind the effectiveness and strength of the supplements.

Deep Cleansing

Clear Nails Plus formula clears the root cause of fungal infection. Since ointments do not do deep cleansing, there is no assurity that there would be no recurrence of fungal infection. Supplements flush the toxins and make the body 100% fungal-free. It cleanses the body before the surface level.

Overall Health

Clear Nails Plus is a comprehensive solution for all the fungal related health issues. Along with clearing the body from fungus, it provides the body with other benefits too.

Precautions for Using Clear Nails Plus

Since fungal infections are contagious, it is important to practice a healthy and clean lifestyle. You should keep your hands clean every time, especially after coming in contact with any unhygienic thing. The most important thing is to keep trimmed nails so that there are fewer chances of damage. Keep the bottle away from kids and teens below 18. It is important to consult your primary doctor first before experiencing anything new or diagnosing the condition on your own.

Why does Clear Nails Plus Hold a Special Position in the Market?

Clear Nails Plus has almost reached the level of highly known anti-fungal medications. It holds a great position in the market due to its effectiveness and affordability. It not only kicks off the fungal infections but also stops them from recurring. It is an effective supplement because:

  • The formula does not allow the recurrence of fungal infections.
  • You will soon have healthy and shiny nails.
  • The formula is side effect free –  made of natural ingredients.
  • It helps to heal cracked nails.
  • Clear Nails Plus comes in affordable packages.
  • With Clear Nails Plus you can overcome the mycosis of the skin.
  • It prevents the triggering of manifestations of onychomycosis.

Plus Point #2: Clear Nails Plus prevents recurrence of fungal infections.

  • Blood circulation to nails becomes smooth.
  • The immune function of the body is boosted.
  • It is free of chemicals, additives, or fillers.
  • The formula heals inflammation and prevents smelly nails.

What is the Downside of Using Clear Nails Plus?

There are some cons of using Clear Nails Plus too. Sadly, it can only be bought through its official site. It is not available in any local store. Pregnant women and people under 18 cannot use Clear Nails Plus and should contact a doctor for further assistance regarding their health issues.

Bonuses To Get With The Purchase of Clear Nails Plus

bonusesIf a purchaser buys the Clear Nails Plus from its official site, he will get two bonuses, without paying any extra. These two bonuses will help the body to further eliminate the body from fungal infections and live a healthy life. The two bonuses are as follows:

Bonus #1 – The 24-hour Fungus Flush

This is an online pdf, which will guide you to take the necessary steps for the quick removal of fungus. As its name indicates, if followed correctly, your body will soon flush the toxins and become fungus resistant.

Bonus #2 – The Diabetic’s Fungus Fighting Handbook

The other bonus is specifically designed for diabetic patients. The guide suggests a variety of vegetables, fruits, and foods to help the body recover the damage quickly.

Is Clear Nails Plus Available at Local Stores too?

No! Clear Nails Plus can only be bought from its official site. Yes! Many sites are selling Clear Nails Plus at different prices. However, refund policy, bonuses, or authenticity of the product is not given.

What is the Cost of Clear Nails Plus?

Many anti-fungal supplements in the market claim to work against fungal infections. However, either they are too expensive or are ineffective.

Plus Point #3: Integrated Health offers a money-back guarantee to their dissatisfied customers.

Unlike these supplements, Clear Nails Plus works in favor of eliminating fungal infections in the body. This is why pharmacists and doctors do not recommend Clear Nails Plus. The purchaser will get 10 minutes to make a choice and proceed further to the cart. The three super packages are as follows:

Package #1 – Starter Package

Deal 1 is a $69 package instead of $89, which will serve the purchaser for 30 days. He would be able to save $20. He will get one bottle of Clear Nails Plus.

Package #2 – Optimum Package

This deal is the most chosen package among the customers. It supplies the purchaser for 180 days (6 bottles). Here the purchaser will save $339 and will pay $49 instead of $633.

Package #3 – Smart Package

Package 3 is a smart package, where the purchaser will pay $59 for a bottle. Thus 3 bottles will cost $177 instead of $306. He will be able to save $129 on the 90 days’ supply package.

Refund Policy – 100% Money Back Guarantee

It has always been a policy of leading companies to offer a refund policy. Integrated Health also offers a 180 day 100% money-back guarantee, if the consumer is not happy with his purchase. The purchaser can only request a refund if he has not missed those 180 days. To get an RMA number, the purchaser needs to email the company. Integrated Health also does not ask the purchaser to return the bottles.

Shipping Policy

According to the shipping policy, orders made between 6 am and 3 pm ( Monday to Friday)take two to three business days to get shipped. The US placed orders are not charged for shipping and handling. The shipping days do not include the officially announced US holidays. As soon as the shipment process is completed, you will get a confirmation email with a tracking number.

How to Contact Integrated Health for a Refund?

To learn more about the refund policy, email Integrated Health at [email protected] or toll-free at +8449279220. They are available from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm and Saturday to Sunday from 9 am to 1 pm PST. With a phone call and live chat, you will get a response from them within minutes. However, via email, the response may take up to 24 hours.

Final Thoughts – Is it a Worthy Purchase?

Clear Nails Plus guarantees healthy and clean nails just within its few uses. It does this by regulating blood circulation in the body. Clear Nails Plus promotes healthy and strong nails with time. Clear Nails Plus is a result of 237 hours of research. It has been given the title of ‘The most effective fungal cure in existence’ by a panel of health specialists.

Clear Nails Plus is definitely worth buying due to its affordable packages and a long list of benefits. Integrated Naturals gives 180 days to all their customers to try and test their product without any hesitation or confusion. If someone is looking for ways to live a completely fungal-free life, they should grab a bottle of Clear Nails Plus before the stock ends.