What makes your nail go yellow and cracked? Does it stink too? There are chances that you might be going through a fungal infection. No! There is no need to create panic. RevitaNail offers a complete and reliable solution to your problem. The dietary supplement has gone through various lab testing and has now proved to be globally an effective and fail-proof formula. You do not need to worry about its safety, side effects, ingredients, and pricing details. This review covers every minor detail you need to know.

What is RevitaNail All About?

RevitaNail is a revolutionary break-through supplement that works by supporting the base cause of overcoming the fungal infection. It works by boosting immunity. You no longer have to hide your cracked and yellow nails under nail paint to hide your embarrassment. RevitaNail can help boost your confidence and give you healthy and shiny nails once again. Want to know more? Read further; you won’t regret it. Order the bottle now.

Working Principle of RevitaNail

According to the author, fungal infection is a more advanced version of bacteria. Therefore, the body has the potential to fight the fungal infection both externally and internally. However, the immune function needs to be boosted with age and time. RevitaNail is formulated in such a way that it protects the organs, brain, and nail from further damage.

What is RevitaNail Made Up Of?

The author reviewed around 315 strains and ingredients to formulate an effective product. The eight ingredients in the formula, which together work to combat fungal infection inside-out are as follows.

Vibrio Subtilis
Vibrio Subtilis is an ancient probiotic, which is also used up until now to boost immune functioning. Despite no access to medications, the tribesman using it was the healthiest of all. A 2015 study in The Journal of Immunity and Aging found Vibrio Subtilis as an anti-aging and anti-immune inflammatory agent in the elderly. It is effective in fighting bacteria, pathogens, fungus, and all.

Turmeric Curcumin
Turmeric is one of the best anti-inflammatories and anti-fungal ingredients know so far. When the activity of Turmeric Curcumin was tested against the strains of 23 fungi, it proved to be more beneficial than the famous drug medication Fluconazole. Also, it left the body with zero side effects.

Lactobacillus Rhamnosus
According to more than 400 studies, Lactobacillus Rhamnosus is a super anti-inflammatory charger. It boosts the immune system, fights against skin infections like eczema, dermatitis, and whatnot. It is a proven ingredient to flush out fungus from the body.

Lactobacillus Casei
The super star probiotic works against both viral and fungal infections. It also prohibits the living of unhealthy bacteria in the gut. It provides a shield against asthma and the immune system.

Lactobacillus Plantarum
This probiotic can produce its antibiotic for bad bacteria. In a double-blind study, participants with double bowel syndrome, 95% of them found improvement. It further efficiently improves immunity, boosts healing of the skin, and fight infections.

Bifidobacterium Longum
This is another powerful ingredient that has the potential to increase immunity and combat fungal infection. Like Lactobacillus Plantarum, it also produces its antibiotics to maintain a healthy internal environment.

Bifidobacterium Breve
The ingredient is best at suppressing Candida growth and boosting immunity. It also works for improving bowel movements and digestion.

Lactobacillus Acidophilus
Llya Metchinikoff discovered ingredient, Lactobacillus Acidophilus has proven to work to maintain blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Not only this, but it also improves the working of the respiratory system and the ability of the body to fight fungal infections.

Why RevitaNail Holds a Unique Position in the Market?

The number of purchasers of RevitaNail is increasing day by day because of its attractive features. All the benefits and ingredients are backed by research. All the supporting researches have been listed on the official site.

  • The formula boosts immunity and increases the ability to fight infection better.
  • You will be able to have healthy and shiny nails.
  • Cholesterol and blood pressure levels will stay in control.
  • There would no longer be yellow and cracked nails.
  • The nails will become stronger with time.
  • It helps in overcoming skin diseases like eczema and dermatitis.
  • It improves the condition of irritable bowel syndrome.
  • You will be able to overcome asthma and other respiratory issues.


The Anti-Fungus Arsenal worth $27
Nail Fungus Exposed worth $37

Discount, Savings, and Packages on RevitaNail

Three super affordable deals are being offered by the company. Before stock runs out, lock your order now. There is a 100% money-back guarantee for all dissatisfied customers. You will receive your order within five working days. The deals are as follows:

Basic Deal – 1 Month Supply
The basic deal offers one bottle of RevitaNail for $69. Shipping charges of $12.99 is not paid by the purchaser.

Premium and Best Value Deal – 6 Month Supply
The deal offers six bottles in total. On 65% off, each bottle costs $49 only. With free shipping, the purchaser also gets two bonuses absolutely free.

Standard and Most Popular Deal – 3 Month Supply
This is a popular deal among the purchasers. It supplies three bottles, each for $59. With free shipping, the purchaser also gets “The Anti-Fungus Arsenal” bonus free.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Is RevitaNail Side Effect Free?

RevitaNail is a safe supplement as it is only made from natural and herbal ingredients. It is a side effect free supplement as it is only formulated after years of research. If you are still worried about the safety, contact them on the details given below.

Who cannot Use RevitaNail?

It is advised that people below 18 should not use RevitaNail. Pregnant or lactating women should also avoid using the product. People with certain severe medical conditions should consult their health specialist before using it.

Can RevitaNail be Taken with Other Supplements?

RevitaNail can be taken even if you have allergies or taking any other supplement. The powerful formula of RevitaNail is anti-allergic and safe to use as it does not counteract the functioning of any other supplement. To boost immunity, it works by increasing the gut-friendly bacteria.

What does the Refund Policy Say?

The company offers an empty bottle money-back guarantee. If at any point, within 180 days of purchasing the product, you do not like RevitaNail, you can get all your money back by simply contacting them. You would not be asked any questions! You can even keep the bonuses and order as a gift to try the product.

How to Contact the Brand?

You can contact their US service by emailing them at [email protected] or toll-free at 855-646-2379. They are available form Monday to Friday (9 am to 5 pm PST) and Saturday to Sunday (9 am to 1pm PST).

Final Verdict – Is RevitaNail Worth Buying?

Cracked nails? Yellow ting? With RevitaNail you can overcome all these issues in one go. Yes! It is a promising supplement that can help you boost your immunity and fights off fungal and viral infections. You can now look straight and once again walk with confidence and enjoy gatherings without getting ashamed. There is no need to apply nail paint to hide your imperfection. Book your order now before the discount and stock finishes.