The YTA Method Review: Is Caleb Maddix’s YTA Masterclass worth your Money?

The YTA Method in YTA Masterclass is a comprehensive program to teach users how to earn money from home using Youtube. A lot of people already know about Youtube Monetization and ads but a very few know how it actually works and that there are other hidden factors involved in the process that you won’t find over the internet. This program claims to guide people on how to make Youtube their permanent source of income. Let’s take a detailed look at the YTA Method by YTA Masterclass, how it works and if it is actually worth your money.

What is YTA Method and Why do you need it?

Unlike what I said earlier, YTA Method by YTA Masterclass isn’t exactly a product. In fact, it’s more like a step-by-step program that teaches you to earn big and consistently from YouTube. It makes use of a technique called YouTube Automation to help achieve that goal.

Now, Youtube is the largest online video streaming platform on the internet right now. It has over 2 billion content creators that upload videos on a regular basis. Most creators, who get a lot of views on their videos, earn money through Facebook by what’s called an ad revenue.

YouTube has over $6 Billion worth of ad revenue to give to its creators every year. While there are many creators (or YouTubers as they are informally called) who have a large subscriber base and earn quite a decent income, it’s not exactly easy for someone new to do the same.

I mean you can make an account and publish videos. However, even if you do this regularly (possibly even daily), success isn’t guaranteed as everything depends on YouTube’s algorithm. If the algorithm isn’t in your favor, you just won’t get any views regardless of how hard you try.

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In fact, the way YouTube has gotten saturated over the years, it has become even more difficult for a new creator to make unique content and get enough subscribers in order to earn a decent revenue. So does this mean that if you aren’t already successful on YouTube, you can’t earn a penny off it? Well, no. 

This is where YTA Masterclass steps in to save the day. It ensures that you’ll make money from YouTube without even having to make a video or showing your face to the camera. Wait a minute, how is that even possible?

Well, YTA Masterclass just uses some basic principles of real estate and applies them on YouTube. It’s no rocket science, just a simple and easy step-by-step guide that allows you to strategize in order to be more efficient and get the best out of YouTube Automation.

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What is YouTube Automation?

You’ve probably seen this term twice now and you may be wondering what it means? What is YouTube Automation and why do we keep mentioning it in the YTA Method? Well, first you need to know exactly the mechanics of ad revenue of a video on YouTube.

Every YouTube video that is eligible for ad revenue keeps on generating its revenue for an indefinite amount of time as long as it’s getting new views. A single view only generates a miniscule amount of revenue. You need to scale it up to hundreds or even thousands of views to get a sizable revenue.

Typically, new videos may get a lot of views at first but after a while, the rate at which views come, decreases. However, with YouTube Automation, you can automate your YouTube account or accounts (if you’re aiming big) to post viral videos daily so that you always keep getting fresh views.

The best part is that you don’t even have to make any video yourself, YTA Masterclass does it for you. Here’s how it all works:

Step 1: Find a YouTube account that doesn’t exactly have a personality attached to it and should be okay with posting generic content. Of course, that account needs to be getting tons of views and generating revenue from it.

Step 2: Study that channel carefully and find out what type of videos it posts in order to get the views it has. Once that is done, create your own channel with the same genre as the one you analyzed.

Step 3: Once your channel is set up, you can hire a virtual team (through YTA Masterclass) to outsource the videos for your channel. They will try to be as close as the ones from the channel you analyzed and will belong to that particular genre for maximum views.

Step 4: The videos become viral and start generating revenue for your account. They bring all the subscribers and help make your account grow without you having to make a single video.

Step 5: When all this is done and your YouTube channel is well established, you repeat all the processes for a second YouTube channel and therefore multiply the income.

Now this is all amazing but how can one be certain that this YTA Masterclass method works. Maybe it’s a scam. Well thankfully, we have the examples of the very people who teach this. Caleb Maddix, Ryan O’Donnell, and Devon have successfully used these very methods in order to gain success that they promise you’ll get as well.

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What else do you get from YTA Masterclass?

Apart from the standard step-by-step tutorials for your successful YouTube career, you can also avail some bonuses that can prove great in the long run. As expected, they are limited time so you’ll have to be quick if you want to avail them.

The prices next to these bonuses indicate how much they would be if you were to buy them separately. If you avail it as a bonus they’ll be completely free of cost. They are as follows:

  1. Devon Will Train Your YTA Team For You  ($1,997)
  2. Fund For Free ($1,997)
  3. Tripling Through Translation ($997)
  4. Monetizing Outside Of Monetization ($797)
  5. YouTube Advertising Mastery ($997)
  6. YTA Investing ($197)
  7. YTA Channel Flipping Secrets ($497)
  8. Celebrity Automation ($497)
  9. How To Get Your Channel Monetized ($297)
  10. Highest CPM and Most Profitable YTA Niches ($2,997)
  11. *Limited to first 10 customers* 10 Monetized Channels For FREE With 1,000+ Subscribers & 4,000+ Hours of Watch Time.


How much does the entire YTA Masterclass cost and is it worth it?

The price of the YTA Masterclass is $18,058, which is a lot and only few will be able to afford it. However, the good news is that since this is fairly new, the first set of customers will get an amazing discount for a limited time. The discount brings the price all the down to $997.

That is $17,061 worth of saving right there which is absurd. The best part is that $997 is way more affordable for people who aspire to become successful YouTubers and will allow them to avail this opportunity that might be the source of their success.

The features you get, along with the bonuses do seem worth every penny of that $997 price tag. Therefore it’s important that you get the discount and apply as soon as possible because when the word gets out, everyone would want a piece of this pie. How do you apply? Click over the link down below. 





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