Zenith Labs Sound Quility, as the name supports is a hearing aid dietary supplement. It may sound strange to have a dietary supplement which works for improving hearing and preventing common ear-related diseases. But surprisingly, this new supplement is acing the supplement industry with record sales which shows that it surely works for the said benefits.

While questioning Zenith Labs Sound Quility , don’t ignore that this supplement doesn’t only repair the myelin sheath of the auditory nerve leading to clearer hearing. It also improves mood, cognitive functions and relieves stress. So unnecessary loud noises and inaudible sounds are no more a problem when Sound Quility is here to help. Here is everything to know about this supplement, how does it help and whether or not it is a good investment.

What is Zenith Labs Sound Quility?

Zenith Labs Sound Quility is a herbal dietary supplement that is designed to work for ear health and improve hearing. This is a non-GMO, cGMP-certified, and gluten-free formula which is clinically tested for its efficacy and safety. Like other dietary supplements, it is a capsular form that is easy to use by every user.

It is designed to defy the continuous buzzing in ears while hearing a super loud noise. This continuous ringing in ears is unbearable especially for students and highly qualified professionals as it affects their work and studies drastically. Even for other people who aren’t professionals i.e. stay at home moms, the ear buzzing is extremely annoying and frustrating.

Fortunately, it is now possible to control it using Zenith Labs Sound Quility pills. Using it for a few weeks only shows a remarkable difference in hearing quality. This product is manufactured by Zenith Labs which is an established name in supplement manufacturers. Hence it leaves no point to raise a question on its quality and efficacy.

How does it work?

Zenith Labs Sound Quility works solely on the basis of its powerful formula that uses real plant extracts and herbs. These natural ingredients are obtained from premium quality sources and mixed in a perfect ratio that suits every user. Each capsule of Zenith Labs Sound Quility is loaded with the power of its herbal ingredients. There are multiple online user reviews of Sound Quility that suggest to use it for four weeks to see positive changes in a person’s ear health.

Zenith Labs Sound Quility improves hearing and reduces ear ringing, commonly called tinnitus by repairing the auditory nerves in ears. It strengthens the structures, repairs it from any potential damage and makes up for the myelin sheath that protects the auditory nerve from damage. There are no chemicals or synthetic ingredients inside this supplement. All it does is to make the user’s body naturally repair the myelin sheath and contribute to noise-less, uninterrupted hearing.

Best features of this supplement

There are many things about Zenith Labs Sound Quility that can’t be ignored. Following are the best things about it which makes it a good investment in health.

100% natural composition
Everything inside this supplement is obtained from plant sources. The reason why Sound quality capsules work best on every user is that it uses a herbal blend of rutin, cobalamin, and zinc all of which are proven to be helpful for human health.

Superior quality product
This product is matchless when it comes to quality. Coming from Zenith Labs, it follows the superior standard for manufacturing and packaging. Also, this product is cGMP approved and is completely from gluten and GMO, making it helpful for more users.

Easy to use
It is not a medicine so there is no “standard protocol” of using it. All it takes is regularity in use without requiring anything else. The easy to use capsules can be taken at any time of the day. The product comes with complete user guidelines and it doesn’t require a prescription or doctor’s recommendation to use it.

Scientifically proven formula
The product itself has been designed by doctors and the ingredients used to make it are scientifically proven for efficacy and the daily dosage is perfectly safe for every user. The whole formula has been launched after clinical trials so that it is double-checked for safety.

No side effects
Considering that this doctor-designed, herbal supplement is developed after clinical trials, there is nothing to worry about its safety. There are no toxins, additives, chemicals, and fillers inside it so it can be used without worrying about side effects.

Zenith Labs SoundQuility ingredients list

Zenith Labs SoundQuility uses only premium quality herbal extracts and natural minerals. Not a single user has reported any side effect till the date but it is necessary to know what’s inside its formula.

Here is the list of zenith labs’ sound quality ingredients.

Cobalamin (vitamin B12)- It helps to reduce the buzzing in ears by repairing the myelin sheath which covers and protects the auditory nerves in the human body.

Bupleurum root extract- coming from traditional Chinese medicine, bupleurum root is a part of local treatments for ringing ears.

Ginkgo biloba extract- another ingredient from traditional Chinese medicine, ginkgo biloba has a natural potential of improving hearing and overall health.

Rutin- it’s a flavonoid which is extracted from buckwheat and capers. Research proves rutin’s role in naturally repairing the damaged myelin sheaths.

Zinc- zinc is a mineral which promotes structural integrity of myelin sheath. This way it reduces the severity of ringing in ears and promotes a clearer hearing.

Copper- copper is another mineral which is extracted from shiitake mushrooms and oysters. The reason why is it a part of this formula is that it adds up to the myelin sheath structure and thickens it from the damaged areas. This way it contributes to a noise-free hearing.

Astragalus root extract- this ingredient inside Zenith Labs Sound Quility ingredient list helps by silencing the continuous ringing in ears. It is also a stress reliever and mood enhancer.

Melatonin- this ingredient makes the user stress free and improves his mental state. It is also responsible for inducing a peaceful sleep which calms the user. Typically ringing ears is an extremely annoying condition which may cause troubled sleeping and stress in the patient. That is why the makers of Zenith Labs Sound Quility have added melatonin to its formula to calm them.

Price details and refund policy

For now, this product is only available online but ordering it takes only a few minutes. Zenith Labs Sound Quility is now available at an unbelievable low price.

Buy one bottle of Zenith Labs Sound Quility (30-Day Supply),  in only $49.00 instead of $79.00.
Buy three bottles of Zenith Labs Sound Quility (90-Day Supply) in only $39.00 (51% OFF).
Buy six bottles of Zenith Labs Sound Quility (180-Day Supply) in only $33.00 (58% OFF).

Delivery may take 2-7 days within USA whereas international delivery may take up to two weeks, depending upon the delivery location.

Bonus gifts with every order

“21 Unexpected Hearing Boosting Veggies” (Original price $49)
“Hearing Health Masterclass” by Dr. Ryan Shelton (Original price $129)

Money-back guarantee

Each order of Zenith Labs Sound Quility comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee. It means if someone is not happy with the results, the company would refund the whole amount within 180 days.

For refund related details, contact Zenith Labs at 1-800-928-1184 or write to them at [email protected]

Final words on Zenith Labs Sound Quility

Zenith Labs Sound Quility seems to be a trustworthy supplement to get relief from irritating and stressful ringing in ears. The natural ingredients inside its formula are loaded with the scientifically proven herbs and minerals that aid in noise-free hearing. This supplement is 100% side effect free and comes with a 180-day money-back guarantee.

Overall, there is no chance that this product won’t work on a user. Even if it does, do not worry because the company will refund the whole amount under its 180-day money-back guarantee. The product is currently available at up to 58% off. Hurry up and buy it before it runs out of stock.